Bovay Engineers, Inc. provides full Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services since 1946 and has over sixty years of extensive experience in the engineering and design of new facilities and the renovation, updating, and expansion of existing facilities. As a multi-discipline engineering firm, we also assist our clients in evaluating new building sites and develop and implement complete facility plans that follow an inspection, planning, or study assignment and precede construction inspection. From feasibility studies and planning to operations and maintenance, we customize our services to meet your business and project goals. Our network of engineering experts ensures that you receive the best, most efficient project or program solution, worldwide.




 Our services offer a full range of technologies including:

::Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Services
::Fire Protection & Life Safety
::Fuel Systems
::Facility Assessments
::Energy System Audits / Utility Rebates
::Construction Management

Energy Management / Central Plants
::Central Plants
::Cogeneration Plants

::Installation and Operations Qualifications
::Start-up Procedures

Central Utilities
::Master Planning
::Power Distribution
::Chilled Water Plants