Purpose and Core Values


We at Bovay, provide optimum design solutions for the built environment. Our focus on providing quality service to our clients is rewarded by adequate compensation to sustain our profitability. Applying the collective knowledge and judgment of our talented and creative people, we employ today’s technology, continually improving efficiency and performance. We share, with the community, the client, the user and our colleagues, the highest ambitions for professional excellence and a desire to enhance the quality of life.



Our Philosophy                                                                                                                

Bovay Engineers, Inc. is committed to continue finding the right solution for our clients, using the experience of the past, the needs of the present, and the challenges of tomorrow.

We want to be the best in what we do, not the biggest.

Customer Satisfaction                                                                                             

We earn unqualified, excellent references from our clients and we share pride in our projects with our clients and users.



We provide our services consistent with the highest ethical, moral and professional standards.



We operate as inter-dependent market focused groups with operational flexibility to make independent decisions that benefit the whole, giving our clients access to global resources on a local level.



We maintain a level of profit that provides for growth and rewards our people and shareholders.



We use the latest technology to deliver our services; while insuring we are applying the appropriate technology in creative, efficient, cost effective solutions for our clients.



We attract a talented, creative, diverse workforce and provide an environment that fosters personal growth and productivity.



We share with the community, client, and user the highest ambitions for professional excellence and a desire to enhance the quality of life. We are leaders in our areas of specialization and translate that expertise into effective solutions for our clients.