Guiding Principles

At Bovay, the founding principles of H.E. Bovay are what continue to define our company as we promise to uphold these values:


  • Listen to and be accountable to our clients - meet their needs, keep our promises and stand behind the quality of our services.
  • Maintain the highest level of personal integrity and ethical performance.
  • Empower people to take initiative, with the authority and responsibility to do so, coupled with accountability, at the lowest appropriate level.
  • Operate our company to achieve acceptable levels of profitability.
  • Operate our company and serve our clients through creative ideas, using the latest proven technology.
  • Team with our customers, our industry and each other on the basis of trust.
  • Respect each other, pursue personal development and recognize accomplishments.
  • Communicate openly, clearly, promptly, honestly and with respect.
  • Ensure an equal opportunity environment & value the strength diversity brings to our workforce.
  • Embrace change with an open mind and a willing attitude.