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Commercial Building & Condition Assessments

Bovay delivers the full breadth of building services, from planning and design to engineering, construction management, program management, and even construction administration services to diverse clients all around the world.

Bovay has offered design and construction related services for new buildings as well as expansion, renovation, and refurbishment of existing facilities. Bovay’s specialized capabilities include but are not limited to the following: energy and power, master planning, design, and commissioning services.


Building              Aircraft Maintenance Facilities       Higher Education Facilities

Specialties          Airport Master Plans & Studies      High-Tech Manufacturing

                           Airport Terminals                           Hospitals

                           Central A/C Plants                         Hotels/Hospitality

                           Computer Centers                          Industrial Plants

                           Corporate Terminals & Hangars       Laboratories

                           R&D Centers                                 Office Buildings

                           Control Rooms                               Stadiums & Arenas

                           General Aviation Facilities               Mission Critical Facilities

                           Criminal Justice                              

                           Recreation Complexes including entertainment facilities

                           Federal, Government, municipal and Civic Facilities

                           Educational Facilities

                           Food, Beverage, and Distribution Centers


Industrial            Chemical Plant Renovation               Power Generation/Transmission

Specialties          Compressor Stations                       Pumping Stations

                           Site Development                            Co-Generation           

                           Loading Facilities                             Fueling Systems

                                                                                 Storage Tank Farms


Bovay’s promise is to create innovative and practical building engineering designs to ensure that every project meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Combining our expert knowledge of MEP services along with our technical expertise, we produce cost-effective solutions that take into consideration sustainable and holistic design practices that embrace low-carbon and economic operational performance. Our professionals around the world work to create buildings that maximize natural energy and minimize overall waste.