Building and Condition Assessments

Bovay’s approach in providing its facility assessment services provides a thorough and effective analysis of building conditions such as mechanical, HVAC, and lighting controls in order to assist in prioritizing projects and developing plans to address our customers’ needs.

Facility condition assessments are the foundation of what we do…

  • The Bovay team surveys various buildings and during each assessment every component is evaluated through visual inspection including interviews with maintenance and key department personnel.
  • The following elements are surveyed and analyzed: ADA, Energy Management System requirements, HVAC, Electrical, Life Safety, Fire Protection, Architectural (Interior) Plumbing, Asbestos/Lead Paint, and Special Equipment.

Assessments result in the following:

  • Summarize and analyze current asset condition. This will include providing complete narratives of each facility and site element, assessment assumptions, and detailed findings of the in-field condition assessment work
  • Provide a description of each specific building, major system, site, or utility surveyed, including a summary of any recommended upgrades to each building
  • Identify the capital and expense cost, including life cycle costs for the creation of 5 year incremental, 20-year budget plans
  • Identify and prioritize existing deferred maintenance and deficient conditions that will take into account such things as health and life safety issues, operation of the building systems, building integrity, functionality and operations
  • Identify and document any specific deficiencies and state and local building code requirements
  • Calculate the facility condition index (FCI) and current replacement value (CRV) for each facility
  • Compare conditions of the facilities and estimate the costs of needed for repairs and renovations. 
  • Use the data from assessments to form a plan to identify and update those elements of the building that require maintenance

Plan energy-efficient systems. Bovays’ full-time energy-efficiency experts serve a twofold function:

  • To increase the energy effectiveness of our customers’ buildings.

Based on our assessment process, we identify green building attributes, facilitate customer needs, and ensure sustainable building practices when possible.



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