Asset Management

Mission-driven Solutions

Bovay Engineers has partnered with ShipComm Wireless to provide thorough and proven Asset management capabilities to make smarter buildings. Our systematic and integrated asset management services administer natural and manmade assets in order to improve a buildings life cycle. Our business processes are effective because they allow us to apply ShipComm’s information technology solutions to support our customers’ current and future mission requirements.

Bovay’s asset management services focus on:

  • Track and Analyze aging infrastructures, failing systems, and outdated facilities in real time.
  • Apply these computer applications to utility management, billing, geographic information systems, and even future streamline repair and maintenance services.
  • Allows us to enhance our customers’ capabilities by taking the headache out of asset management in order to apply:  facility condition assessment (FAC), project management, financial management and forecasting, maintenance management, real property management, space occupancy management, and environmental compliance.