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Prairie View A&M University

Project Description

Bovay Engineers International provided the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety and LEED design services for this 108,000sf show case building.
The new Architecture and Art building planned for Prairie View A&M will encompass a number of different programs including architecture and architectural technology, basic core curriculum art studies, construction sciences, a Culture Center and a Center for Community Urban and Rural Extension Services (CURES Center). The building is seen as a “home “for the arts at PVAMU, and cooperative use facilities was provided for the maximum flexibility for future use as imperative.
Bovay investigated the adequacy of the existing master utility services and determine which, if any, are to be modified to serve the facility. Bovay designs all utilities according to LEED requirements such as domestic water, storm sewer, sanitary sewers, thermal utilities, electrical service, telephone, computer data lines and natural gas. The building thermal utilities (chilled water and heating water), waste systems, natural gas, and domestic water supply will be served by the campus central systems.
All utilities will be metered separately. Domestic hot water will be from the campus central system or generated in the building and provide for custodial and restrooms.