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NASA Johnson Space Center Tunnel System

Project Description

NASA retained Bovay to perform engineering assessment of their extensive utility use of energy management system at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), in Houston.


The project required Bovay to survey all utilities within the tunnel, as well as to assess the status of approximately 200 steam traps at 70 psig service or higher. Bovay prepared a written report of the assessment that includes: the replacement of trap’s in order to standardize and modernize the system.

Addition of schematics that show temperature sensors on the discharge of the traps will be used to issue an alarm if the trap fails to perform its intended functions.
The steam trap monitoring system will be connected to the Honeywell EBI Energy management system to allow the monitoring from any of the EBI client stations thought the site.
Disconnection extents of existing connection, installation, details in drawings, specifications for removal, replacement of related insulation, piping, valves, insulation and components at each steam trap location.
A complete oneā€line diagram of steam trap monitoring system shall be provided showing integration into the various existing Honeywell EBI energy management system components and systems.
Electrical power and monitoring cable (hardwire and fiber optics) connection locations for monitoring cable (hardwire and fiber optics) connection locations for monitoring system to be shown in drawings using details.