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Knock Engine Laboratory and Tank Farm

Project Description

Provided complete architectural and engineering services for this $2.3 million project including building and site work improvements. The project included two buildings; the Knock Engine Laboratory consists of 4070 SF and, separated by a 30 foot wide pedestrian canopy, the Tank Farm Central Control Building consisting of 4340 SF. The buildings are supported on treated wood piling and structured concrete foundation with special architectural concrete masonry unit wall construction. The steel frame roof structure is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and designated areas are designed to withstand potential internal explosions utilizing blow-out relief panels. 

Special attention was given to noise control and abatement as well as reducing lighting glare for the Central Control operating console areas. A unique lighted theater approach was given to each operators that he/she can adjust the level and type of lighting and will be in complete control of their own lighting environment.

Central Control Building

Port Arthur, Texas